Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons start with water familiarisation for the little ones, then learn to swim through three levels in structured small group classes.  From Learn to Swim Advanced swimmers progress into Junior Squad (see Squad Times for more information).  
There are also intensive block sessions held in the first half of January each year.  Contact our training coordinator (training@mansfieldmuddies.com.au) or complete the form on our the Join Us page.
Lesson Type Descriptions
  • Learn to Swim - Starter
    • Skills Required: Need to be able to stand in the shallow end with their head above the water
    • Aim of lessons: To become confident in the water, learning to blow bubbles and freestyle paddle first and then moving onto and backstroke and freestyle breathing to the side.
    • Class Size: Maximum 4-5
  • Learn to Swim - Intermediate
    • Skills Required:  Need to be able to swim freestyle (unaided) across the pool without stopping. Need to be able to swim backstroke across the pool, can be with some help
    • Aim of lessons:  Will learn how to swim butterfly and breaststroke. Become familiar with using equipment such as flippers & kick boards. Learn to take instructions and taking turns.
    • Class Size: Maximum 4-5
    • This is equivalent to our old Stroke Correction Classes
  • Learn to Swim - Advanced 
    • Skills Required:  Need to be able to swim 25m freestyle and backstroke (unaided) without stopping.  
    • Aim of lessons:  Swimmers are introduced to lap swimming, lane etiquette, and will enhance their basic knowledge on correct dives, starts, turns & finishes and competitive swimming rules. Training with the Time Clock is also introduced. Becoming more proficient with all four strokes and distances. 
    • Class size: 6-8
    • This is equivalent to our old Transition Classes

Lessons Schedule
    Classes are held every day after school and on Saturday mornings.  We change classes to meet demand so to see the latest availability please check our Online Enrolment System.