Squad Times

There are squads structured to suit everyone's ability with two junior squads, an intermediate and a senior squad and options for most days of the week.  Squad training is a great way to improve your fitness and your times!

The timetable for squad training is shown below and fees are detailed on the Costs page.  Or contact our training coordinator for more information.

Squad Type Descriptions
  • Bronze Squad
    • Skills Required: Need to be able to swim 25m of all four strokes with ease.
    • Aim of lessons: To improve skills learned in learn to Swim level 5 Dolphins.  Perfecting correct dives, starts, turns & finishes. Will do 1-1.5km per session. Using all types of equipment like flippers, kick boards and pull buoys.
  • Silver Squad
    • Skills Required: Need to be able to swim 50m of each stroke.
    • Aim of lessons: Usually older primary school to early years of high school.  Will do 1.5-2km per session.  (Similar aims as junior squad with a more technical focus).
  • Gold Squad
    • Skills Required: Commitment to both the time and amount of training sessions Swimmers will do 2-3km per session.  Year 9/10 upwards, can be younger if deemed appropriate.
    • Aim of lessons: Intermediate and senior squads do similar sessions; senior squad will do more repetitions with less resting periods. A more individualised program can be tailored to swimmers depending on their goals (triathlons, specific strokes & distances).
For the latest timetable information, please refer to our Facebook Post